The Ice is undoubtedly a work of modern artistic architecture that is beyond its time. Its beauty comes a several forms depending on the time of day. It stands out in the night of nature by emitting a distinct crystal like glow and in the morning its water-like transparency camouflage it with the forest turning into a surreal distortion of its background. Its interior design is a sight of contemporary art itself featuring large elaborate curves. IJM Land strives to be a progressive organisation that delivers the highest standards of performance in all our ventures through the provision of superior quality products and services.



Architecture Concept

Why Geometry Forms?

To maximum space utilisation and harmony with the surrounding environment.

Why Translucent Materials?

Blend with the nature without


The Jewel in the park

When the nightfall, the cube glows like a jewel in the dark. Its like fortune crystal ball playing the magical spell.


Harmony with the forest

In daytime, the reflection on the building facade give a illusion of the cube is immerse into the surrounding forest.


Interior design concept

Translucent glass cube offers a unique experience of erasing the barrier between the inside and outside.


Where the magic happens…

In the night, the infinite reflection on the inner glass wall give a illusion of “the building is glowing & growing!!” The cube is magically look much bigger that it is. Here is where the MAGIC happens…