Inspired by Nature,

Designed for you

Influenced by nature’s natural settings, the first residential parcel, the modern structure of CHRYSALIS welcomes you home and brings you closer to Mother Nature. Let the enchanted tropical garden allure you into magical moments of fun-filled canopy tree house, cascading flower garden, giant tree with cocoon tree house, totem plaza, open lawn with maze stepping pads and much more.



Security Patrol

Security Patrol are always on the look out and ready to deal with potential dangers to help establish a safe community.


CCTV Surveillance

24/7 CCTV surveillance surrounding your home, keeping it safe.


3-Tier security

Top notch 3-tier security that runs a series of procedures to keep your home safe.


The Enchanted Garden

Get lost in nature and Be Enchanted by the Wonders of Nature. Reconnect with the essence of living in an environment that is natural and refreshing.

Be enchanted by

the wonders of nature

Inwood Residences comes with its very own Enchanted Garden, a delightfully landscaped park that’s an amazing blend of man-made artistry and exuberant natural life. Reconnect with the essence of living in this spectacular environment that’s naturally, and uncompromisingly, enchanting.

Pathwork with Trellis

Maze stepping Pads


Totem Plaza

Children’s Playground

Canopy Treehouse

Giant Tree with Cocoon Treehouse

Rock Water Fountain

Topiary Garden

Structural Super Tree

Drop Off Area

Guard House

Unit type

and layout

Inwood residences offer 2 types of home layouts for families big and small. Each carefully designed to meet specific needs and comforts.

LEVEL 6-15, 18-23A
LEVEL 28-37